Patient improvement
for chronic pain management

Streamline Self-management

  1. Simplify management of complex patient cases through an easy to use digital health agenda and smart notifications
  2. Wide coverage of treatment needs ranging from medication management to exercise plans and nutritional habits
  3. Set personal goals
  4. Better informed patients through a gamified education environment
  5. Increase medication adherence with a smart dialogue assistant
  6. Get in touch with other patients in a safe and trusted social media network
  7. Get advice from other chronic pain patients, who are responsible members of patient associations

Chronic Pain Assessment

  1. Based on updated chronic pain science and guidelines of the International Association for the study of Pain (IASP)
  2. Measure what truly matters to the chronic pain patient and their families
  3. Automatically populate medical history data, connecting to healthcare systems existing EHRs

Patient-Centered Care

  1. Full control of personal health record data and transparent sharing policy


App available for for Android, and coming soon on iPhone.
Also, our desktop platform offers a full pain management solution